How Big MNC’s are Using AI ?Curious? Here is the Case Study of Instagram!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking site , where people share their photos, videos and other information with their friends. Instagram is owned by Facebook. Today , there are more than a billion active users of Instagram. It is on it’s way towards becoming one of the most famous app on the global scale.

But what are the features that makes Instagram so popular?

Recently after the ban of Tiktok in India, Instagram has launched Instagram Reels, where people share the video of small duration. But it’s not just Reels , the various filters provided by it, the customized story feature the main component used by Instagram is the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to increase the customer experience and recommendations.

A huge volume of data is generated through the constant activities being carried out on it. It’s not just a social site but also holds data in large amount which could be termed as Big Data.

How Instagram makes use of AI and BIG DATA?

  • Designing the Personalized Feed:- For this activity Instagram uses Machine Learning Algorithm to go through all the content and segregate them according to the relevancy for it’s users, in order to create a personalized feed and that too is done after every second. The time for which the user was watching a video is also recorded, so that it can show much more content like that. Even likes and comments are also taken under consideration.
  • Target Advertising:- Many time user sees the ads of various brands randomly which are relevant to their search. Instagram sells the advertising space to companies who happen to be interest in reaching a particular audience and sending out a particular marketing message by comprehending and understanding the search preferences and engagement insights of its user.
  • Instagram Bots:- The bots are designed to automate the user’s account interactions. They do everything from liking comments that customers leave on posts.
  • Dealing with spam:- Instagram makes use of Artificial Intelligence’s text analytics algorithm ”DeepText” for dealing with spam messages. It’s spam filter can detect spam message in over 9 language. If any message is detected and those messages are automatically removed. The algorithm is able to comprehend a message’s context almost as well as humans.
  • Dealing with Cyberbullying and distasteful comments:- The platform has recently launched a new AI feature that works by keeping track of a list of words and phrases which have been reported offensive in the past and then alerting it’s users whenever their captions for a certain photo or video could be considered offensive in order to give them a chance to halt and re-assess their words before posting them. For that it has launched a new feature called ‘Restrict’ that allows the platform ‘s users to shadow ban any user that are posting offensive comments.

All these features are very impressive and Instagram is gaining more focus from last few years and enhancing the user experience!